Friday, 6 March 2009

My sweet boy

Things have been a little hard at home over the last few weeks. My craft room roof came down and leaked all over the place during a storm (twice) and we said goodbye to our precious Ollie.

Ollie was 15 and was diagnosed with a cancer on his liver last October. I have watched him go from a cheerful (if deaf) little fella to one who doesn't bother following me up and down the stairs as the lump in his tummy has got too big. Hard to watch.

As a family, we made the hardest decision ever - to let him go now before his discomfort got any worse. Well, what a week, knowing your best furry friend is leaving. The vet came to our house and it was handled beautifully, with all the family present. Very upsetting but Ollie is now buried in the garden and we know he is near us. Even Sophie (the cat) said goodbye. She is a little skittish at present and we like to think it is because Oll is still bugging her!